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Safari: an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat

Most of us have stories of people we have met and love to talk about.  Starting to feel like i just don’t do that enough so let me start here.  Jodi Cole, a super fun friend in college who I lost touch with until basically Facebook reconnected us.  It was definitely tricky to keep up back in the prehistoric days of address books that were actually WRITTEN pages!!   In clearing out my basement, I stumble across many versions dating back to elementary school.  I was always a correspondence person so that fits.  Now, however, I’m finally clearing out and dumping them.  I digress (I do that a lot).

Jodi had a ‘normal’ career path out of college: accounting job of some sort and off she went.  I don’t know the details, I’ll leave them for you to discover yourself.  What I do know is that she is one of those people who completely immersed herself in an opportunity once she stumbled into it.  I admire that, and so very much, about Jodi.

Through a series of life events, she ended up planning a 50th birthday celebration taht was a safari…top that people!!  I cannot imagine the fun those people had celebrating someone so special in their lives this way!  The travelers LOVED what Jodi put toether and the half-centurion encouraged Jodi to do that more.  What’s super cool is that she did.  It wasn’t instant and there were not trumpets blowing or clouds bursting with messages telling her this was the thing to do, but something, somewhere gave her the strength and courage to pursue this passion.

It is now 15 years since Wild Rainbow Safari’s began and Jodi has an incredible safari business that has super unique elements to it.  Over the years Jodi has continued to expand her expertise and has gained certifications that allow her to show more, know more and share.  I’ve not been on a safari with Jodi – YET, but hope to one day.

More to the point – I hope you all will take a look at what she has accomplished and share the message of success through passion.

Sending out huge praise to Jodi for all she has accomplished.  Please check out her website https://wildrainbowsafaris.com



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Did I do it right?

We all have so many things going on and want to do all of them to that ‘Pinterest’ level of perfection.  When we don’t see that, we are easily dismayed and our projects often fall by the wayside.  Well, I think we all have this issue.  I know I do.  My home is cluttered with so many cool ideas and items to implement them.  Where’s the time and money to get them done?

Recently, I’ve been listening to and reading about so much struggle with perfectionism and stress.  Overworked, burnout, etc.  Why?  I know that people actually boast about being stressed out or a perfectionist.  Those are problems, not bragging rights.  I have suffered from these problems a lot and see it brewing in my beautiful girls.  This last item is the reason I stop and breathe today.  I need to ensure they keep learning to give and receive affirmations.  I see too many kids today, including my own, who are filled with the anxiety over performance.  Most of it self-inflicted pressure but we need to teach them how to do their own affirmations since they are not as exposed to it as we were.  Even playing in our neighborhoods used to provide little affirmations about bike riding, tree climbing, etc.  It was confidence boosting.    We need that as kids, and as adults.  A peer group that has less competition and more support.  I’m working on that.

As I start my day today – I have lost my job due to a corporate merger / reduction in forces, both of my air conditioners are dead, I lost my keyless entry car fob so literally cannot use my car.

And….I’m staying at my ex-husband’s house.

You know what? I totally did that right.  I showed my daughters that while we cannot stay married, our parenting includes supporting one another.  It was seamless for me to bring them over, grab clothes and food and while we are here, we eat dinner as a family.

I am definitely hashtag feeling blessed! 😉  #diditright #feelingblessed
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