I’m a mom, daughter, friend, sister, writer, consultant, runner, traveler, etc.

I love each of these roles and get a kick out of them. It is amazing being a mom – my girls crack me up, frustrate me, and fill me with love … usually at the same time. I have often had to turn my head from laughter while coming up with a punishment. In fact, maybe it is just me – as I look through my list – I think each of these things brings me an abundance of joy and frustration. I wouldn’t change much – I’d like to get out and run more but not at the expense of something else. I would like to show my children more of the world, as they are getting older, I am starting to focus more on that.

I am as overscheduled as any of today’s children: often skipping out early from one thing to be able to make it to the next. It is why I am up in the wee small hours typing. It is my alone time! Nothing scheduled and mind whirling….I go to the blogs, reading, writing, etc.

So, on my blogs you will find family stories, travel, business ‘stuff’, and reposts of blogs I find interesting.

If you do too – let me know!

– Shannon


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