Odds and Ends

Winning with Amazon

I started shopping on Amazon veey early, and have been a huge fan since. When I started ordering diapers and the like, the reached out for me to join a mom’s buying program where I got discounts and free shipping. It was great. In 2005 I got a free prime membership to try it out for a year. I was hooked.

I love finding deals and Amazon makes it easy. I go to the warehouse deals section where I find things like a great inflatable 2-man kayak for 57 dollars. Free shipping. Using it once was cheaper than renting for a day. I have used it many times and even went and found another one a few months later. Not the same price but similar. These are intex k2 and perfect for me and my daughters.

I use subscribe and save and love that Amazon will tell me when a price goes up so I don’t automatically buy something when the price changes. Having paper towels and toilet paper delivered every three months at a lower cost than I can find in the store… perfect.

Their customer service has always been exceptional as well. I am struggling with an odd problem at the moment and will discuss that in a bit. Generally, however, they stand by their sales and will replace or refund anything within reason. Once, I had a curling iron die and I forgot about it. A year later I remembered it and sent a note. Yep, they refunded the money. 100%.

In 2016 I was invited to join the Vine program. What a fun thing! I get a list of recommended items that are being offered to test and review. I choose items and they are sent to me in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I’ve gotten some dogs for sure, but also some really fabulous things. I simply have to review every item. That’s easy for me and I love seeing the numbers iny ‘helpful reviews’ go up.

I’m a big Amazon fan and a deal-finder too. I price shop. I will be standing in Target and look up on Amazon to see if the price compares. I do that with most things. Usually, if it is on Amazon, it is a better price. But. Not always. As with anything, it is good to check things out.

Between the open box deals, warehouse deals, subscribe and save deals, and free shipping with prime…this single mom is a big fan. My budget isn’t stretched and the subscribe and save means I don’t run out of the Staples I need like paper goods, coffee, snacks for lunches, and so much more.

Want to get better use of Amazon? Ask me how.


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