Odds and Ends

Charleston Aquarium

Visiting the Charleston aquarium was a great experience. Our family love to visit aquariums whenever we have the opportunity.
We didn’t really know anything about this aquarium except that it was in Charleston and it gave us a good excuse to drive up. But like much smaller aquariums the people there were incredibly talkative and proud of the place. They provided a lot of information to our girls and gave us tips about other things to do and see. The girls were able to visit the touch tank and try to touch the bonnet head sharks and the stingrays. They got to see the albino alligator and actually see it swim a little which apparently is not common. Several people asked if we saw the alligator move because people often think its fake.
When we went to the crab touch tank the woman there with filled with information that the girls just soaked up. They had hermit crabs and starfish and  several variety of crab for the girls to be able to touch or look at  and they had some  shells of horseshoe crab  plus a couple of very small ones.
The outdoor exhibit of South Carolina coastal wildlife is just fabulous. There was a section with blue crabs, a section of turtles, and of course loads of sections of fish. This area also had a wide variety of seabirds there was a blue heron, some seagulls, an Ibis, pelicans and much more.

They have a lemur exhibit that is incredible: the children can crawl under the floor of the exhibit thru a little tunnel and pop their heads up into a plexiglass enclosed space and the curators or dosent have put lettuce on top of that space so the lemurs run around and climb up on top of the children via plexiglass and eat their food.


It was hard to get a good picture because you avoid the glare of the outer plexiglass and you still have the glare on the inside piece. But you definitely get a good idea of how up close and personal the girls got to be to these lemurs.
The girls wanted to know why there weren’t dolphins at this aquarium and it turns out that South Carolina has a law against dolphins in captivity. Even rescue dolphins must be transported elsewhere. Everywhere I looked along the rivers and coastline we saw many dolphin and part of me wonders if they play so much because they know there’s no chance they’re going to be captured.

There was much more to see and do at the Charleston aquarium and we will definitely keep that on our list as a place to make a return visit. You should put it on your list too.


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