Odds and Ends

Long time..

It’s been a while since I posted myself.  I get feeds from some of my favorite bloggers and have gotten a little lazy.  Ok a lot lazy!  I sometimes wonder where people find the time to stay so organized.  Recently I’ve begun to realize where the chaos in my life occurred and am working my way out of it.

Chaos theory ONE:  Moving – having everything packed into boxes and moved is tricky.  We moved (1)  from MD to FL and put most of our things in storage, thinking we took what we would need for 6 months renting.  Turns out – if you jam everything into a storage place – it is a total pain to retrieve items while you are living in transition.  We had TERRIBLE movers for this first move in 2001.  Then let’s complicate the matter:  we bought a house and moved (2) into it late that year – we had purchase some items that we knew would duplicate some things…but tried to do it a little differently so we would be able to use both – possibly.  These local movers were good.  Easy placement of items into the appropriate rooms, etc.  THEN late 2002 we moved (3) from FL to NC – moves that are a long distance like this require that much more chaos as there isn’t an ‘overlap’ where you can move things a little gradually then BAM move the rest.  Once again we moved into a rental – 9 months this time – then bought a house in 2003 and moved (4).  We had the best movers this time – many wonderful retired Marines and some current.  These are GOOD people!  We only moved about a half mile so it was definitely a simple one.  THEN in 2004 – along came daughter #1….we were living 9 hours from any family and decided despite our growing hatred of moving…we wanted to be closer.  We put our house on the market and headed out for 6 weeks on the road with our 6 month old.  We went to Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Clearwater, Orlando, and back to Clearwater.  My mother – at this point in her Alzheimer’s world, had progressed significantly so we decided to move to my hometown of Clearwater and live near/help my dad with her. We were fortunate to be able to live anywhere with the work Marc was doing at the time and I was still doing contract training on the road.  Doable.   So…moved (5) again.  January we went up to NC and packed up our house (it sold in 2 days!) and moved everything into storage for 4 months while we stayed at my parents house.  Then we moved (5.5) into the house in Florida in 2005.  In the spring of 2006 Marc got a call from a former co-worker asking him to come to Atlanta and work.  He decided it was a good opportunity and my mom was now at the point of needing full-time care so I helped my dad find a place for her (super fun…NOT – many tears shed by him and by me during this time – we would go see a place – then go mourn a little together at McDonalds) Back to the chaos…in Spring of 2006 we packed up again and moved (6) to Atlanta.  We stayed at my sisters and only kept a few things out of storage because we were only expecting to stay there 3 months.  A YEAR later – we bought our current home and moved (7) into it.

With each move, some items take a long time to get to unpacking.  Consider 7 (or 8) moves in 6 years…and I realize some of the theory to my chaos.  That is how I came to understand that I wasn’t a new-found slob or horder but simply have things that never outlived their space in my life because they kept getting boxed up.

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been rectifying that situation and it feels great.  My expectation is that once I have everything accounted for and everything finds a home…or leaves ours!  We will be compelled by something…to move yet again!  This time, however, we will be one step smarter (thanks to some dear Marine Friends) we will take pictures in each room so that we know what we like where – we will reuse said items or remove them from our lives with wondering “hmm I remember how much I liked that – where do we put it?”

What’s your chaos theory?


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