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Another Adventure

Just went to Clearwater again – Spring break happened to coincide with tenants moving out/into our house down there.  There was the usual clean-up and freshen, plus some fun along the way.  We went to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Frenchy’s – SouthBeach and Saltwater, Sand Key (multiple times) OKeefe’s and more.

I will be writing more about some of these visits for an online magazine called Delicious Catch.  You can search on my last name to see other articles I’ve written as well.

Here is one from the last batch of articles I wrote for them:

I really love going down there – it is a reset on so much of the crazy in our lives and I love sharing my childhood with my children.  That’s really what a lot of it feels like.  Sure, a lot has changed, but for now, there is still a lot the same.  I love them playing in the pool where I learned to swim and where I spent countless hours playing with my sisters and other friends.  My mom used to sit in a chair with a stopwatch in her hand and count how many times we could jump off the diving board in a minute…we’d line up at the end of the board, she’d press the button and we’d run to the end – jump off – and get back to the side as quickly as possible.  We thought it was fabulous!

I was remembering so many of the games we played as I watched my girls giggle and play similarly this week.  They have the silliest game where walk to the edge of the pool pretending to do something and ‘fall’ into the pool.  It is complete nonsense but is so entertaining to them.  We had a similar game where we would act out commercials or songs and walk off the diving board mid-step.  Like my girls, our game was endless.

There is something almost magical about sitting in a chair at the side of the pool with my dad, watching my girls play.  I took a couple of pictures, but mostly I just chatted with dad and watched them play.  They would ask me to watch something specific and of course it seemed like it was identical to the last amazing feat I watched….which mostly cracked me up.  Sometimes it was an interruption into my all too limited time chatting with dad, but mostly it was really joyful.

I’m blessed and so thankful to get to enjoy these things.  More so for being able to realize it now instead of later.  I could run more, work more, do so many other things for sure…but for this time I am grateful to be present.


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