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Reasons Not to Live in St. Augustine

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Travel Bug

Anyone who has experienced life in this historic town knows how tough it can be. Having only lived here for a year, I’m still able to see the problems, and believe me there are many.

First of all, there’s just too much history in this old city. Who has time to learn 400+ years of history? Your kids will come home with tales of Ponce De Leon, Pedro Menendez, and Henry Flagler. And they’ll have questions.  Spend enough time in town and you’ll hear so many battle and ghost stories your head will hurt.

The old cobblestone streets, quaint for some, but a big problem for women. New-comers to St. Augustine can be spotted wobbling along the uneven streets in their high heels in the early evening. Later, after they’ve given up, you’ll see them barefoot and carrying their shoes. So unless you’re willing to risk a broken ankle, you’ll…

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