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A Sailor’s Dying Wish

This is one of those great stories…Military are family – no divide, just respect and honor. Love it.

Surface Warriors

Bud Cloud

After signing my Pop, EM2 Bud Cloud (circa Pearl Harbor) up for hospice care, the consolation prize I’d given him (for agreeing it was OK to die) was a trip to “visit the Navy in San Diego.”

I emailed my friend and former Marine sergeant, Mrs. Mandy McCammon, who’s currently serving as a Navy Public Affairs Officer, at midnight on 28 May. I asked Mandy if she had enough pull on any of the bases in San Diego to get me access for the day so I could give Bud, who served on USS Dewey (DD-349), a windshield tour.

The next day she sent me an email from the current USS Dewey (DDG 105)’s XO, CDR Mikael Rockstad, inviting us down to the ship two days later.

We linked up with Mandy outside Naval Base San Diego and carpooled to the pier where we were…

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Just another day

This year I turned 50. Looking at my life, our life – felt like something was missing. Marc and I talked and agreed that we are not living the best life for our family where we are now. We were looking for change and considered – for about 5 months – moving to Ecuador. We ended up tabling that decision at the 11th hour which was a huge blow and a tough decision. Hard to explain both the desire to move and the decision not to move to our children….because so much of the goal was about getting them to see how to take risks and accept challenges.

Having made that decision, almost immediately my childhood friend’s daughter had a brain injury requiring brain stem surgery. Crazy enough the surgery took place right here in Atlanta and I was able to provide much needed support during lots of waiting. Lots and lots of waiting. Living in different cities with two young girls each, we had lost our once very strong connection to one another. The past several months we have spent countless hours together, our children have become friends, her daughter is healing beautifully and our lives, in a very special way, have been changed.

I have a sadness about not having moved to a different country to live with my family (one of my life-long dreams) but I also have a deep joy and appreciation for the things that have come into my life because we stayed. Our lives are already different in such a sweet way.

Today marks a new phase for another friend whose now 3 year old has finished chemo and will find out today if her cancer is GONE. That mom will then shift her attention to another child, her 5 yr old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and has undergone a tremendous amount of change himself upon starting kindergarten, getting diagnosed and more. Aimee is an amazing mom and good person and I learn so much by watching her and reading her blog. We were in a moms group when I first moved here. I left that group years ago when my eldest finished preschool. We lost touch and reconnected last year when this sweet boy started preK with my crazy Olivia.

More reconnections. More change. More reasons to be here. Now.