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I have started a talk radio blog.  I am having fun creating little 15 minute ‘shows’ and am learning a little about the way recording works, juggling the kid interruptions, etc.

I started it because I want to record in a new way, the things we are trying to accomplish as a family.  I was blessed with parents who took us on a lot of adventures – from the time I was about 12, we camped a lot as a family then we graduated to longer trips and ultimately we got into RV traveling as a family.  We were able to see much of this country in a great setting: we drove it.  I actually only got behind the wheel of the beast we called the RV one time because I hated it.  Never a big driving fan anyhow, that thing was awful to drive in my opinion.  That is a whole other story.

Today’s story is this – whatever we can do to enhance the family experience – we need to do.  My parents didn’t lavish us with overpriced gifts, they lavished us with amazing experiences.  I will forever remember sitting in the front seat with my mom driving thru the night – singing away to “Kansas City Here I Come” – we made up little motions and giggled our way through it.  That is how it was traveling with our family.  A lot of silly times, we would go to national parks whenever we could – and always….I mean ALWAYS…my dad would pick up the brochure and start reading aloud.  It was cool…but it was also one of those things we girls would say “DAAAAAAD” and laugh, shrug, and yes, listen.  It was fun and interested in extremely educational. 

Mostly, it was cool.  We drove up to North Dakota and met up with another Family one summer and traveled.  We saw Devils Tower the year that it was Richard Dreyfus’ mashed potato creation!  We drove down the coast of California, Alicia and I sitting in front a lot of the way looking out and seeing nothing but cliff below us as the wheel well was set much farther in than the wall of the RV.  We drove through Tahoe, to Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion….stopped in Las Vegas (we all hung out in the RV while the adults checked the hot scenes! NO FAIR!!).  We sung lots of songs, and memorized our limited set of tapes – Bob Segar, Billy Joel, Kenny Rodgers, etc.  Everyone ‘took turns’ sitting in nearly every location – at the table, in the bed, in the front….etc. 

Yes, I have wonderful memories of traveling with my family and it instilled in me a love of traveling and exploring that I hope to pass along to my own children.  I crave it.  It fills me with such delight to see new places and meet new people…I love to just soak in the differences and enjoy them. 

We are working now to get our house ready to sell – what a chore while trying to also keep up with ‘normal’ life of swim team, activities, play dates, etc.  But, we are getting through it and hoping when we do sell – we will have a plan in place to move on to a new adventure. 

My personal dream is to move us to Ecuador for the next school year and after that, who knows.  I’ve recently become certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language so that I can work/volunteer there.  That will cover Visa’s for us for that year.  It won’t cover much else….hence the Radio Blog and whatever else I can do that is mobile…and has the potential to make a little money.  A little is all I need to make to live there…thankfully. 

Today is a new challenge. I’ve actually decided to loop my children into the house-prep plan. Genius right?  I’ve been killing myself trying to work AROUND their lives and last night realized the error of my ways.  Today we start “TEAM ZOLAR” moving things out and prepping for sale as a team.  Who knows if it will work…but I think it is absolutely worth a try.

Ok – now I need to get the girls ready for swim practice. 


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