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More of this crazy life!

We’ve been talking a lot about fulfilling dreams – how we KNOW what our true dreams are – where they lead and how to best follow.

No answers!

It is crazy – we hear and read about people who have known their entire lives that they want to do this ONE THING – and others who take a temporary job and realize THIS IS IT!!! – I’ve had many jobs, done many things and truly can imagine myself making any of them my passion – which leads to insane mediocrity. How sad that is – content with many things instead of just one. I feel extremely wishy-washy because of this. Truly I love teach people about using computers – I love to teach one-on-one and in a classroom. I love it because it isn’t what I do every day – but what would I love to do madly passionately — day to day? I couldn’t say just one thing. Why not?! I want to lead my children to their passions but seems silly when I can’t find my own. I think I can be successful at anything – yet am widely successful at nothing.

I am successful, moderately, but don’t seem to find the push. I’ve discovered, however, one common thread. I love telling the story … almost any story. Cool right? I am going to start telling these stories and I bet I won’t stop. Let’s see how it goes!


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