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I’m 3 of 5. Always have been.

I’m the third of 5 girls in a wonderful family – not Catholic as many guessed over the years – just wonderfully happy loving parents. Probably at some level they really were trying for a boy – but after 5 girls – you have to get clever and realize it just isn’t happening!

Mom was amazing – she screamed, yelled, spanked and always supported us. She had mad crazy birthdays – made us each our favorite cakes and allowed us to have these blow-out slumber parties where we piled our entire class of girls into the bus after school, a long bus-ride later – 20 girls would pile off the bus with sleeping bags and overnight bags and presents and walk the block and a half to our house. Mom would greet us at the door – direct the depositing of gear and start playing games. Our hallway entry was large – so we would sit in a circle and all put our shoes in front of us singing “pass the shoes” which ends up being a little like musical chairs – we move the shoes around the circle, my mom takes one out and if you end up without a pair – you leave the circle, head to the bathroom and change into a bathing suit. We played this game until all of us were changed (so smart!) and then headed out to play in the pool. Mom then brought out the stop-watch and orchestrated relay races – jump into tube, paddle to other end of pool, trade to a new person, repeat. After tiring of that game, she would have us see how many of us could jump off the diving board – one at a time – in a minute. Game after game she lead – then she would end up with us bobbing for apples in the pool. Seriously, how she tolerated and controlled those parties I will never know. I’m in awe. As a mom today – wow, I can’t believe all that she did and how far I fall short. I’m pretty good, just not as good as she was.

That’s a pretty high bar!

I’m going to see how many of these wonderful stories I can recall and post – and will do so interspersing with my own stories….coming up!


2 thoughts on “I’m 3 of 5. Always have been.

  1. Shannon,
    What a treat to have known your amazing Mom just a little bit from your post. You are a lucky woman to have had such a mother. I am envious!

    1. Ann,

      I feel very blessed to have had such a mom and think of her in everything I do. I wish my girls could have known her as their Grandma!

      Love seeing your posts on FB and getting a glimpse of your life today.

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