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Today’s Musings

So I’m not a rocket scientist – but I do know a few….that is for another time. I am a mom, a consultant, a wife and a friend. I do none of these to perfection but to the best I can, thankfully it works most of the time!

I’ve learned some things and am always learning more.

Here’s a for example: don’t be a short-order cook – we all know that. But we also know that we have kids who MUST eat and won’t always eat what we prepare. My solution – I always keep the “go to” food prepared in the fridge. If it is spaghetti – then I cook up a pound of it and keep it in there as an option for every meal. It works wonderfully and reduces the odds of stressing out when I know the kid is hungry but I really want adult food for dinner!

We generally eat healthy – easy on desserts and sauces, try to make it colorful, though I see my friends posts on FB and know I am not doing THAT! If you work outside the home – at all – it is a juggle and you have to really consider what balls to keep up in the air. Mine fall alot. I just pick them up and start again. It is crazy how easy it is to keep going when the options are….well clearly not going!

I have a 5 yr old who drinks milk out of a bottle that is warmed up. Seriously, she can drink anything out of anything – regular cup, sippy, straw – and she does for all beverages except milk. She has been known to spit milk out when I “sneak” it into a cup with a straw. Just tastes cruddy to her that way – and I want her to drink milk – so, I let her drink it the way she likes it. As long as she has the skills to drink out of a straw, cup, etc – I am not overly stressed about it. She is extremely articulate and decisive about much in her life so I know it is in no way stunting her development. She drinks it fast and furiously so it isn’t sitting in her mouth altering the way her teeth come in – they are straight and cute (as baby teeth tend to be).

I want my children to be healthy, happy and to contribute to the world around them. These are the priorities and the things that are so tough to quantify day-to-day. As outside influences enter the picture – children at school picking on them, leading them astray, competing for attention, and generally exposing them to things I wanted to wait to expose them to – I realize how limited my ability to keep them safe and happy might be. To that end, I really just need to give them the security of knowing they are always loved and cared for, the understanding of their own problem-solving abilities, and the empathy to feel for people around them who may be struggling in ways they can’t imagine. These are the things that I believe will help them fare better in life. I will encourage them to stretch and grow in new ways – I will be the best example I can be of the person I want them to be.

I WILL FAIL and will show them how to recover from failure – thru apology, thru actions and sometimes – most often – by simply getting up again.



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