Odds and Ends

Selling our house

We’ve taken on a new adventure – trying to sell our own house. We have bought and sold many houses over the years, always using a realtor. This time, we are trying it on our own – will see how it goes. We are posting it where we can as we prepare it for sale since we know the exposure is limited and we are not paying for marketing.

Here it is on Zillow:

Update – 3/5
We have had a lot of realtors come thru the house and more call – a lot. It is funny because they are all seeing it and all suggest to me that noone will see it if it is only on Zillow and not listed with them. I contend that they are seeing it so if they want the sale, will show it.

To that end, we had a realtor bring a family thru the other day. She called us on Saturday night at 9:30 pm and brought them thru. They were nice and I have no idea if they are interested – were very complimentary of the house – though we know it needs a little more updating to really shine. I’m happy we are doing this and happy we are not stressing to get it sold. It all works.


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